(Re)humanize digital worlds & recreate the link between people & brands

How? With a digital double for everybody on the planet: Digital Human a real time crypto-Active. Ok but seriously how? With a fully automated capsule which scans your body+face in less than a minute.

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Create a new generation of

Digital human being

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A digital double. Secured. For everyone.

We put human back at the center of digital interfaces.
Ready for the immersive revolution?

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Give birth to your Digital Human with capsule.

We invented the ultimate solution to create millions of Digital Humans. Our capsule is fully automatic, fast & contactless. 

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The ultimate teleporter. The gate to immersive experiences.

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60 Digital Humans per hour, 24/7

capsule is engineered to be extremely fast. It can handle the biggest events with a massive crowd & create a Digital Human for each & everyone. 

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Automated process

The whole experience is fluid & intuitive. Online booking, QR code validation on capsule desk, visual & vocal assistance in the capsule, photo capture, online post-production and storage. All without human intervention.

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Plug & play

capsule is assembled in half a day by 2 people & can be shipped everywhere in the world in custom flight cases. Once mounted, choose the default langage & currency, then capsule is monitoring by distance.

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Disruptive technology

110 optical sensors. In-house robust servers: post-production, skeleton reconstruction, storage, encryption. Extreme scalability: until 2 billion Digital Humans in 5 years?

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Data security. Your Digital Human is safer than you.

Your 3D ultra-realistic double contains highly sensible data. Certified ID, personal usages & interactions history, body measures for any Model Digital Human (undressed passage inside capsule). All these data layers are safely stored in your silkke account: we are 100% GDPR compliant & rely on the most extreme security standards.

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Full security. By design.

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Single Sign-On

Your silkke login is the key to integrate your Avatar in compatible apps. But native files are never shared or stored in the third party app.

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Digital contracts

You approve each developer request to use your Avatar in third party apps, on your terms. These transactions are automatically backed by digital contracts with full legal value. 

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Database Access

Access to the database is granted to developers based on end-user approval on a per-app basis, and strictly limited to essential data. Data layers are siloted and safe.

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Personal analytics

Price setting, activity following, all the vital metrics in your personal dashboard.

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Digital content. Reinvented.

Aren't you bored to be a spectator on the main online platforms? Instead of watching countless videos, immerse yourself in a new generation of contents! your silkke character looks perfect in Hollywood-grade movies, with smooth animations, in 2D or 3D. You are now part of the story.

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Apps. Teleport yourself everywhere.

Giving birth to your Digital Human: this is unlocking a lifetime of uses in multiple apps. silkke connect, our proprietary solution, enables you to securely log into your favorite apps whatever the screen or the platform. Your Digital Human has a whole new exciting life ahead!

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Time to be serious about playing games.

Your Digital Human is automagically integrated in your favorite video games, including all its animations. Thanks to our developer partners you are the new soccer champion, or surfer guru, or basketball player of the year. Well, now your grandma can do that too!

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Digital communications finally enter 21st Century.

Online communication still relies on old tools that are very far from natural human interactions. They require a keyboard, do not transmit emotions & contribute to misunderstandings between people. silkke Digital Human brings back non-verbal communication which define us as humans. It enables a whole new generation of messaging standards & social concepts. RIP the eMail, you won't be missed.

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Be yourself. Or more than yourself.

Your Digital Human is your digital double, which paves the way to innovative use cases such as virtual try-on or custom make-up. But you can also go beyond & augment yourself, soon then transform your body with physical morphing and experiment with a whole new You.

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Be yourself. Or more than yourself.

Digital Double
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Augmented Self

Digital Human is a starting point. New possibilities suddenly appear when you are able to customise your body and tweak your real self. silkke gives you the opportunity to go beyond yourself. The question is: will you dare to take it?

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Performer mode. You deserve more than 15 minutes of fame.

Your Digital Human can be selected by developers & brands to appear in the next fashion show or Olympic Games stadium. You decide who you give access to your Digital Human, app by app, and you can revoke it anytime. You are in total control of your digital double.

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Online influence. At the superior level.

You steal the show. Invent multiple lives, be the muse for your favorite brands, or the hero of the next blockbuster movie. The stars of the offline world no longer make the rules. Everybody can be a VIP.

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Virtual performance.
Real money.

For decades, social platforms earned billions thanks to your content and online activity, while taking advantage of your private data at the same time. Sounds like a good business model, right? Well, we put an end to that. You own your silkke data & get a significative share all of the revenues where your Digital Human is involved!

Seal a deal. At your will.

Developers pay you to use your Digital Human with your authorisation, you earn money in proportion to your visibility & the success of the app. All terms are agreed upon and secured by one on one digital contracts.

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