To support both technical & business development, silkke regularly opens its share capital by issuing subscription of tickets.

We already have succeed in raising €6.5m equity until today.

If you are interested in our vision & project, please contact us to ask for our invest file :

Allinvest assists silkke in all stages of growth.

Paul Hastings assists silkke in driving the legal structuring in Europe, US, EMEA, Asia.

VC-A subscription in progress: €12m

24 new tickets worth €507,000 have been recently published, 2 of them are already sold out.

We welcome industrial or service compagnies, family offices, investment banks, wealthy people:

  • tickets #3 to #24 | €11,154,000 > available
  • ticket #2 | €507,000 (done)
  • ticket #1 | €507,000 € (done)

Subscription already done: €6.5m

We welcomed private investors with an extensive entrepreneurial experience & a network of international influences.