Drive to Store

On-demand traffic generation

(Re)create good reasons to come back to the stores with a full end-to-end digital solution that seamlessly integrates with your tools and put back the customer at the center of ambitious omnichanel strategies. 

Drive to Store

+20.000 real silkke Avatars already produced by these brands (page keynote)

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What to do when you desperately need additional foot traffic?

In a post-Covid world, some trends have accelerated, and as the saying goes, "there's no coming back". In-store foot traffic is on the decline and it seems like shoppers will never come back.

Black Friday retail foot-traffic in 2021 compared to 2019


of retailers declare that in-store foot traffic is their most important performance metric


of consumers prefer a brick & mortar shopping experience above any other channel

silkke drive to store solution

Customers need good reasons to come back to the stores. We've got you covered.

In an omnichannel world, consumers spend their day on multiple screens, among which the smartphone is central, acting as the bridge between their offline and online life.

The Internet have brought us closer to what economists call pure and perfect competition, a not so distant world where the consumer has all the information to compare products & prices to make the best possible choices. Marketplaces, pure players and social commerce are a reality now, and more than ever an existential threat to brick & mortar businesses.

However, customers still want to shop in stores, they still want to get that unique brand atmosphere, they still need to interact with humans and they still want to touch and try the products. In fact, the stores can and need to be the essential touchpoints of the brand.

We, at silkke, think that digital channels can be leveraged to trigger in-store visits, bring value to both the consumer and the brand, and more importantly nurture a relationship. The visit in store is not the end, it's the beginning.

Fully trackable

Analytics and ROI driven. You know how many customers are exposed to our solution and how many have come into your stores.

Works with your digital channels

Social media (ads, organic, influencer), emailing, affiliate marketing, display ads, even offline marketing channels. It's not a new channel, it integrates your channels.

Volume and scale

Our solution is built to bring you virtually unlimited foot-traffic, you decide how much people you want to attract to your stores. As opposed to other channels, you never reach the maximum.

100% privacy - 0% GAFA

Our company is built on the idea that private data should remain private and that there has been too much abuse in the digital industry. We are independent and act to reshape business models toward trust.

Invite customers from every marketing channel

The whole process is built from the ground up to create a simple yet powerful experience for the customer.

Custom-branded digital coupons are created on the fly and sent through any marketing channel.

The customer redeem the coupon to get a free Digital Human, get an explanation of the concept, see available capsule locations on a map and book a slot. 

The marketing department can create all kind of campaigns, the digital coupon can be linked to a discount, this invitation can be sent to the best customers or to prospects.

  • Unlimited digital coupon creation
  • Any medium: digital, print...
  • Full customization of the code
  • Custom-branded messages
  • QR-code
Drive to Store
Drive to Store

The ultimate gift: create their very first 3D animated real Digital Human in your stores

Don't stop there. This is the beginning of new experiences and a fruitful relationship.

Digital Human is unique and is not meant to be a short-lived operation. 

Through the generation process of their Digital Human, customers have created a personal account. This account

  • one
  • two
  • three

Drive to Store

silkke ecosystem

Marketing, cloud and tech stack built with brands in mind. All our products seamlessly integrates with each other and with your tools.

Our solution can be self-service if you want to have all hands on your silkke campaigns. They can also be managed by a dedicated customer success manager. 


Email automation:

Marketing stack

Works 24/7.

Full distance control of your capsule: schedule opening hours, language...

Capsule is the teleporter to new experiences.

Capsule is simple, beautiful and fully automatic.

Customize capsule to your brand. Full covering of the shell. Sticking can be changed for every new marketing campaign, product launch, VIP gathering... 

silkke's system is able to operate and synchronise multiple capsules in any language, currency or timezone, from one dashboard.

Link: see more information about capsule


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