Master Event

Unique concept for worldwide events.

History. Your Story. Their

Make history by unfolding your story

Master Event

+20.000 real silkke Avatars already produced by these brands (page keynote)

Ultra scalable concept.

Master Event
Master Event

Incredible experiences

There is a before and there is an after. 

Before the event. You can start to tease and even offer the possibility to live the event.

Position silkke capsules in airports and strategic places anywhere in the world to build awereness about the event, offer

After the event. It continues to live not only in memories, but in all the screens and apps.

Living a memorable experience on-site is great. Being able to take it home with you is even greater. 

All silkke experiences are made with brands and sponsors in mind. We think that more value is created when an experience can trigger the beginning of a relationship, when a fun moment can start lasting interactions.

Master Event
Avatar & Experiences

The whole silkke system is built to handle mul


Part of our reason why is to reconnect brands and customers, to put the human back in the equation and to bring value for everybody, beyond the transactional act of selling and buying. We believe people deserve more.

  • Buy and resell custom-branded coupons for multiple companies
  • Each capsule have brand covering

Brands & Sponsorship
  • Full GDPR compliant.
  • All datas are encrypted and stored in silkke cloud. 
  • Datas belong to the end users, are not resold to third parties. 
Security & Privacy


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