EASY capsule > by month

Offer each visitor an experience with capsule to promote products & to create the link with immersive applications.

some brands which rented EASY capsules

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From 1 to 8 months capsule generates 10k to 80k Digital Humans

silkke is surrounded by professional & creative partners to offer a global service.

Extra ordinary animation

Users experience a direct & a carnal relationship with the capsule technologies.

Strong marketing operation

The specific area is at the color of the brand. capsule desk & shell are filled with stickers. Ground can be customised in line with the other parts of capsule. UX of the the three screens can be adapted with colors & fonts of the brand.

On-site traffic creation

400 users per day per capsule: retail stores around benefit from the traffic generated by capsule.

Customer acquisition

With its consent every user is just giving names & eMail address to the brands offering for free Digital Human.

Area less than 43m2 for one capsule in a dressed mode

Example of flow management with heavy traffic for capsule in a dressed mode, with a queue of 30 people. Informed visitors with a QR code have priority, they also can pre-book in advance for the days after.

45m2 area for one capsule in an undressed mode

Example of flow management with heavy traffic for capsule in undressed mode, with a queue of 30 people. There are two secure mixed changing rooms without opposite installed by silkke.


Pricing plan

All services included, more optional services to add.
Depending on each country.


one month operation



two months operation

€46.000 in total


three months operation

€66.000 in total


four months operation

€84.000 in total


five months operation

€100.000 in total


six months operation

€114.000 in total


seven months operation

€126.000 in total


eight months operation

€136.000 in total