A crazy adventure

We started in 2011 thinking that the Internet will become immersive. We already talked then about the magic word “Metavers”.

Because the future is always a question of humanity so we decided to find how we could participate to humanise the digital interactions. We tried to find the way how offering everyone their new ID as close to their personality.


Because we generate automatically the perfect Digital Human, we can now on this base manually performed to produce one Celebrity and then be able to work with the media & film industries to produce short movie sequences bringing every emotion & realism.


On the one hands, brands are collaborating with silkke to give opportunity for everyone being in the values & very close to their products, on the seond hands people could immortalise moments with its personalised Digital Human.


We had already demonstrated in 2017 a virtual dressing of a Digital Human, four years later we succeeded in automatising the dressing of any Clo3D clothing on any body size. A revolution for the textile professions!


Nantes is one of the first innovative cities in France. We use to work with many regional actors like the University, engineers & 3D or architects school, consulting partners, to make our technologies better & share with everybody.


Many people came to meet us in order to imagine what silkke could bring to their profession. Famous French filmmaker Marc CARO (Alien, Amélie Poulain, La Cité des Enfants Perdus, Delicatessen) discussed cinema with our team. Some Chineese companies like HTC came to understand what Digital Human impacts for its field of activity. We traveled to China two times to visit compagnies involved in Virtuality.


6.000 Digital Humans in 10 days! the most fabulous marketing animation for Renault at the World Auto Show in Paris.


For the French presidential Elections, silkke generated for each candidate their Digital Human. Lots of international media talked about this premium innovative experience. onepoint, one of our consulting partners, lent us its beautiful Paris headquarters to welcome the candidates & also completed silkke team for the development of the Elysée VR App under Unity 3D platform


France Televisions take the opportunity of the Roland Garros worldwide broadcasted event to experiment capsule as a breakthrough media innovation. Many celebrities, personalities from the political world, big bosses, the Paris 2024 Olympic team, two Facebook evangelists... came to make their Digital Human here.


Atelier BNP Paribas supports innovative companies as part of its “InnovConnect” program: this is the first time capsule is shown to the public, the experience was for the annual Nantes Digital Week festival.


It was in October 2014 that the first prototype of capsule is born. Thanks to capsule, we succeeded in generating the first Digital Human ever automatically. We have today two industrial partners: one in France near Angers for the European market & one in Dubai for the International one.


We invent all the electronic parts to trigger 110 photo captors in only 300ms, having stereo captation, textured lights to the body, sending all the photos to our servers each every minute, by judiciously presenting all the information for the attention of users in order they could live the experience without any help.


The birth of Digital Human was done manually during the year 2012. To invent the first capsule design, Witek LUBER & Edouard DESLANDES worked juxtaposing technical constraints, the most fun & fluid experience possible for customers, a marketing universal tool for brands.


silkke is born April 2011 from the idea that Internet should move towards immersive universes, without avoiding the human: nobody would be interested in an empty & an no emotional new media. We had the chance to see a proof of concept from a collaboration between Google & Unity 3D: playing live on a 3D website in Chrome navigator.


Make with us the future of silkke

All people & investors from all over the world who want to join us & increase the potential of silkke are totally welcome, we have no borders and want to conquer the world.