Origin Digital Human

A true character in your image & with your outfit, ready to play right away in immersive applications with emotions.

Digital Human ready to play in immersive applications

Every user who wants to be represented in games, universe & immersive applications thanks to a real articulated character, must have his most faithful Digital Human:

compatible with applications developed under Unreal Engine & Unity 3D thanks to the silkke API

developers can request users to perform in their applications so that they are filled with humanity, the pricing is set by each user according to his notoriety & to the duration of the performance

Digital Human is an identity in its own right, silkke provides additional security to any banking transaction in the metavers


The two majors 3D engines are welcoming the Origin Digital Human

silkke is producing Digital Human in any Unreal Engine or Unity 3D releases in order for everyone to interact in all immersive applications.


Unreal Engine

As Unreal Engine wants to achieve perfection in the realism of sets, silkke performs on the same path with the Digital Human.


Unity 3D

We started with Unity 3D & made first demo in 2012 with the first Digital Human.

Digital Human in motion

Take place into silkke productions on demand. Our servers offer viral movies in mass inside which everyone is the hero.

How silkke events spark smiles & amazement

Discovering its Digital Human from head to toe as if by magic. And it is so simple to do thanks to capsule!

"We did 1.700 Origin Digital Humans in only five afternoons for the League of Legends finals in Paris. Axe Gaming as sponsor, Riot Games the studio & our team were so happy to offer for free a viral movie to everyone being suddenly inside the official game map."
"For Renault's 120th anniversary, in just 10 days, 6,000 people made for free their Origin Digital Human & they were able to discover themselves driving Renault vehicles in three collector movies automatically generated by silkke."
"What a superb experience in which onepoint was able to participate: each candidate for the 2017 Presidential election was able to make his Origin Digital Human to be the actor of an Unity 3D application produced by silkke for France Televisions."


CEO, onepoint
"At Amazon we were convinced by the extraordinary technology implemented by silkke to easily give everyone an Origin Digital Human as faithful as possible, to as many people as possible."
"We received silkke's extraordinary innovation during the Roland-Garros tournament to offer our players & visitors their Origin Digital Human so that they can play virtually in a Unity 3D tennis application fully developed by silkke."
"Just for an evening event for our American client Opentext, it was very easy for everyone to create their Origin Digital Human & receive a movie from a specific production directed by silkke, an event perfectly managed by silkke from start to end."

Pricing plan

No optional services to add.
Depending on each country.

To share

Be free to share your creative contents.

To act

Create a movie library with your Digital Human.

To interact

Play live or as a figurant in any immersive app.

Free if you get a voucher from a brand.
complex body skeleton
real time navigation in immersive applications
face & labial skeleton for emotions & speech
figuration in immersive applications
compatible with real time motion capture
accessories applicable on body, face & hands
additional shapes for more realism
secured datas that belong to you
extrapolated size & weight data
management on silkke.net
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