Studio Digital Human

Expand your influence with a quality grade character ready to use in any visual production.


Tailored for those who crave a unique digital presence, our platform offers an array of services to make your Studio Digital Human truly yours.

From plugging into a vast library to customise every aspect of your look. You're not just although personalising it, you're evolving & sharing your digital journey with your community.

Dive in & redefine what it means to be digital.


Step into our digital realm & discover a world where every detail is tailored to your vision

From the first Digital Human automatically generated in 2012 to the Studio one generated in 2022, silkke has always anticipated how technologies could move & always surrounded itself with partners specialised in the digital assets.

All new partnerships are helpful to be aligned with the next years' roadmap.


Record movies

Immortalised moments with your personalised Digital Human. Brands are collaborating with silkke to give opportunity for everyone being in the values & very close to their products.

Digital persona

Hair style

Choose & style your digital hairs to perfection.

Digital painting

Make up

Elevate your look with tailored digital makeup.

Digital soul mirror

Iris color

Customize your gaze with vibrant iris shades.

Digital charm

Skin effect

Add texture & nuance to your digital complexion.

Everyone is able to be produced

Professionals are saying that silkke is revolutionising the production businesses. The fact is that anyone can now generate their own notoriety.

"I have known silkke for 3 years & I see the unlimited usages for anyone to exist in marketing or artistic creation. Our production businesses are certainly being turned upside down by silkke. Scope Digital is involved with silkke for sure."
"I am surprised how silkke is able to return automatically humans to their original realism & how it is able to shorten the genesis of his artistic transformation with simple tools that guarantee the recognition of his own image ever."

Ludovic BARON

Art photographer

Pricing plan

Depending on each country.

Get your own style

Make-up, hair, beard, skin effect... access by a growing library.

Better self-image

Simulate your body & face atraction, track new aims.

Movies creation app

Create your own movie, manage your shot and share visual content.

From a Model
access to the iris color library
face & labial skeleton for emotions & speech
access to the hairstyle library
compatible with real time motion capture
access to the makeup library
create & share your videos
access to skin color & skin effect library
secured datas that belong to you
collabs with brands or professionals
management on
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