Roland Garros / RG Lab

France Televisions
May 16, 2016
Paris, France
Enabling tennis fans to create their real Avatar and play on their mobile
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No need to be a tennis afficionado to have heard about Roland Garros. Few events in the world are as respected and legendary as Roland Garros tennis tournament in Paris. Roland Garros is making history each and every year.

Each and every year, France Televisions, national french TV group, is a privileged partner of the event. France Televisions take the opportunity of this worldwide broadcasted event to experiment with breakthrough media innovation, confirm their leadership and let the public touch and see what the future of TV is all about. 8K TV, 360 recording, binaural sound... all these cutting edge concepts are mastered and even pioneered by France Televisions' team of dedicated engineers. In this regard, RG Lab has been very popular among tech fans, and this year silkke was here with capsule to push the concept to the next level.

For this unique event, created a dedicated tennis game, available on the AppStore and Google Play.

Imagine being able to present your wrist on the capsule front desk, be instantly recognized thanks to the NFC tag in your Roland Garros pass, go inside the capsule for a few seconds, get your real animated Avatar a few minutes after that, then play tennis in a bigger-than-life manner with your Avatar in a dedicated smartphone game? For free? Yes, that is what silkke is about. Create magical moments for the end user, hiding the tech and putting the experience first.

Thanks to silkke connect, the end users only had to log into the iOS or Android app with their silkke credentials. silkke connect is available for all developers that want to make their apps compatible with silkke universal Avatars. On the user side, apps are available in, our proprietary app store. 


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