capsule provides an intuitive experience for the end-user

The end-user registers alone, enters into capsule for a photographic ultra-fast session without any outside help.

+20.000 real Digital Humans already produced by these brands

Discover how easy is to use capsule

100% plug & play

silkke provides brands with a photographic capsule as one all-inclusive packaged service: setup in 4 hours, requires power outlet & internet access only.

Booking solution

Time saving is important: register on-site your session by your Smartphone or at capsule desk in only few seconds. Or book in advance & get your fast pass QR Code.

Full remote management

Full remote admin & upgrade, reboot by distance if necessary, video surveillance & recording.

A full automated process

End-users discover how fast & easy is to board capsule for a photographic session.

inside capsule
passages per hour / dressed mode
Digital Human generated a month
passages per hour / undressed mode
Mass production

+10.000 real Digital Humans generated each month by only one capsule

As part of the capsule rental formula, PLUG / EASY / EVENT / DAY, by default a quota of vouchers is included (1.000 by month for instance). The user can enter into capsule for free if provided with one voucher.

Once the quota has been exhausted, or to anticipate, brands can buy more vouchers: by 50 / 200 / 1.000 / 5.000 / 20.000 or multiples of these quotas.

So easy to use that people come back to capsule several times

capsule has been designed so that the user is reassured throughout the all experience. Everything has been done so that there are no signs of embarrassing technologies.

Users become one with capsule. The enormous desire inspired by the object itself has been verified every time someone passes by.


Make your own capsule

Customise capsule as per your visual identity. silkke creates the experiential areas in coordination with all the brand marketing departments. If the project involves a session of undressed users in capsule, the configuration of the area is made with a double changing room.


Magnetic ground could be customized in line with the other parts of capsule.

User interface

UI/UX of the the three screens (main boarding screen + 2 touch screens) can be adapted with colors & fonts of the brand.

Covering with stickers

A specific design in the codes & visual identity of the brand: by covering parts of capsule fully or partially with brand messages.

Outer hull

The iconic shell of capsule could be replaced by any shapes at the image of brand products.


capsule was designed to get everyone through

We worked with best experts to come up with the perfect device.



capsule is CE & COFRAC certified by the international EMITECH laboratory for the following aspects: EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), radio.


Regional safety committees can check the installation of capsules in every public places. All components included in capsule are electrically unit certified. A grounding of the whole is completely functional.

No health restrictions

There are no contraindications for the passage of pregnant women or people with a cardiac assist device.


About young people

Face to regional law, you must be at least 12 to 16 years old to create a silkke account & use capsule.



The main structure of capsule is aluminum painted with paints complying regarding safety standards. The outer hull & some other minimal parts are composed of HIPS.

Comfortable use

For the easiest user experience everything falls perfectly to hand: for instance touch screens are oriented to be easily accessible. Floor is anti-slip. Speaker adapts to ambient noise.

100% automated

capsule is a simple & intuitive product. Its operation is completely automated. User registers alone, passes into capsule for a ultra-fast session without any outside help.

100% touchless

Register with your Smartphone, use a QR code or the RFID to confirm. A distance of 1m30 separates the user from the structural elements of the capsule interior cell. In strict compliance with health rules due to COVID.

Air renewed

Mechanical ventilation in the zenith position renews the total volume of air every 2 minutes.

24/7 video-surveillance

capsule has 24-hour video surveillance via three high-definition cameras.

Our customers love it

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François D.
François D.
France Televisions
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Eric Y.
Eric Y.

Our customers love it

All those who have the chance to use capsule have wonderful memories of it.

"I was able to test capsule in 2016 & I thought we were already in the future. I am a large size & the space inside is very comfortable without any feeling of claustrophobia. The session was fast & so funny."

Marie-José PÉREC

Triple Olympic champion

"capsule design is inspiring. This journey reminds me of a desire to teleport to new worlds. It's so easy & quick to use. I went into undressed mode so I could use my Digital Human in visual productions."

Pierre RAVAN

Spiritual House International DJ

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Digital Human in a game, an immersive universe, a Metaverse?

Yes, the Origin Digital Human generated after a clothed passage through the capsule (& the upcoming Alive) is compatible with all immersive universes developed with the two most famous platforms: Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. silkke generates your Digital Human on one side, while silkke's partner developers create worlds in which they integrate your Origin Digital Human (or Alive).

Who owns Digital Human for the upcoming years?

Your Digital Human and all associated data are entirely owned by you. silkke serves solely as the hosting platform about your new digital identity & holds no rights to use. silkke is no engaged in any data trading. In the event that a brand fully or partially sponsors the passage into capsule, you are notified that by doing so, you consent to sharing only your first name, last name & eMail with the brand for purposes specified by it & in coordination with you (such as marketing offers or discounts for future purchases). You could also share your body measurements with the brand if you enter in capsule in the undressed mode.

Why can't the Digital Humans Model / Studio / Celebrity be used in immersive worlds?

Once you enter into the capsule undressed (in underwear), your Model Digital Human is delivered dressed with a default set of basic clothes. You will never see it undressed. But the current technology does not allow real-time control of a redressed Digital Human in immersive universes; we will have to wait a few more months. However, you can use these Digital Humans as follows: Model for trying on clothes, Studio to enhance your image, Celebrity for professional creative visual productions.

Why is capsule the only way to mass create digital identities?

In a world increasingly swinged between what is veracity & what is fake, silkke has chosen to offer you a digital identity that you choose to create, consciously. The moment you step into the capsule, you make this unchanging decision to manage your digital estate for the coming years. All your appearances or interactions in immersive universes are then certified by your own volition.

What is the price to generate a Digital Human?

silkke has decided to democratise access to digital identity. The entire system is designed so that brands offer to you for free the passage inside capsule. Otherwise the default price for the Origin Digital Human is €12. Model Digital Human is generated for free as it is offered by a fashion brand; however, you need to activate it for €29 to continue the dressing experience. To level up, you can access to Studio Digital Human for €490 and choose from a range of enhancement services. As for professionals in the film and audiovisual industries, Celebrity Digital Human is tailored for them: for €9,800, the ultimate Digital Human is created by our team of skilled developers.