2017 French presidential elections

France Televisions
December 7, 2017
Paris, France
Involve millennials in the presidential elections
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Who said that elections have to been boring?

Certainly not France Televisions.

Well aware that millennials are less and less interested by this important democratic moment and that the political programs continue to be presented in an old-fashioned way, the major TV group decided to focus on innovation and give them a more interactive way to discover what each candidate has to offer.

For silkke, the concept was obvious: the candidates should express themselves in a natural language, on mobile. An iOS and Android app was created, allowing every citizen to go to the Elysee palace, see all the candidates and compare their programs. Instead of reading text or watching pre-recorded videos, they would see the Avatar of each candidate, be able to select them, choose a topic (economics, education...) and see the Avatar talking about the chosen topic in a simple and understandable way. A VR tour of the Elysee Palace was also part of the apps. Politics suddenly appeared way more accessible to this generation.

On the candidate side, it was easy to convince their chief of staff that scanning them would be very fast, secure and even fun! Indeed, silkke solution is thought to be fully automatic, does not need to perform any movement or to be dressed in a specific way. Moreover, candidate were reassured to know that their personal data would remain confidential.


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