Fit Odyssey

Kill fashion returns 💀

Boost customer experience 💘

The first Fitting as a Service solution that lowers the cost of your returns, provides repeatable value to the customer and gives your e-commerce a unique selling proposition and marketing advantage. 

Fit Odyssey

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Free returns are the wrong solution for the right problem

3 million cars driving for one year. This is the equivalent in carbone dioxide of all the returns from online shopping. Should brands improve customer experience, provide maximum choice, the right to change their mind and more options to enjoy shopping? YES! Should all this be done at the expense of the environment, at the expense of margins and at the expense of the very existence of brands? No! Should this be a lose-lose situation for all stakeholders? Of course not!

of apparel websites don't provide sufficient sizing information


more returns online compared to in-store

$218 billion

in merchandise has been sent back in 2021

silkke Fit Odyssey

Virtual fitting. The last frontier of one to one marketing.

The real cost of returns is immense and vastly underestimated.

The inability to provide relevant and trustful sizing indications is the sure way to lose customers and increase marketing spending to compensate for this loss, damage the brand image, over-complicate supply chain and inventory management. Worse: the huge environmental side effects cannot be ignored anymore and increasingly make the fashion industry the bad player in the eyes of a big part of the population that shift rapidly toward more eco-conscious beliefs and choices. The externalities are just bad for everybody. Free returns are the epitome of an era that is coming to an end.

Current solutions create frustration and solve nothing.

Either very technical and non user-friendly or appealing but fake, current solutions are not satisfying. They are not made with the client in mind and often worsen the overall buying experience.

More trust = repeat customers

If customers trust your brand with the only data that matters, body measures, the rewards are tremendous.

Improve all business metrics

Returns cost businesses about 66% of the original price.

Average Order Value 🚀.

Acquisition costs 🥊

Lifetime value 💎

Reduce bracketing

Bracketing is the practice of buying several items and returning the ones that don't fit. 63% of shoppers have this behavior.

Real carbon impact

Customers have had enough of greenwashing communication campaigns and useless declarations of intent. Now is the time for deep and real changes, now is the time for a cultural shift that will embark your customers for the better. 

Online fashion is stuck in the past

Fashion shopping websites and apps are nothing more than digital paper catalog that was sent in the 90's. 

Fit Odyssey
Fit Odyssey

Automatically fit your clients with the correct size with unmatched accuracy.

  • Fit score algorithm: remove size uncertainty
  • Instantaneous insight into fit.
  • Our algorithm compares mensuration from body to cloth, giving an instant fit score on the shopping app or website.

Your customers are the models. Unique User Experience + better conversion rates +

Visual Fit: automatic virtual try-on

Fit Odyssey

Fit Odyssey: a journey toward customer enlightment thanks to silkke tool suite

End to end solution

Built to scale
Digital Humans
Full white-label integration on your platform
  • Measurement Mastery: Leverage the precision of our digital-human-to-garment comparison to derive an intuitive fit score.
  • Prioritized Perspectives: Recognize the uniqueness of every individual by allowing priority settings for different fit areas.
  • Intuitive Scaling: Adopt a user-friendly percentage scale for easily comprehensible feedback.

Fit Score Algorithm


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