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Can I use Digital Human in a game, an immersive universe, a Metaverse?

Yes, the Origin Digital Human generated after a clothed passage through the capsule (& the upcoming Alive) is compatible with all immersive universes developed with the two most famous platforms: Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. silkke generates your Digital Human on one side, while silkke's partner developers create worlds in which they integrate your Origin Digital Human (or Alive).

Who owns Digital Human for the upcoming years?

Your Digital Human and all associated data are entirely owned by you. silkke serves solely as the hosting platform about your new digital identity & holds no rights to use. silkke is no engaged in any data trading. In the event that a brand fully or partially sponsors the passage into capsule, you are notified that by doing so, you consent to sharing only your first name, last name & eMail with the brand for purposes specified by it & in coordination with you (such as marketing offers or discounts for future purchases). You could also share your body measurements with the brand if you enter in capsule in the undressed mode.

Why can't the Digital Humans Model / Studio / Celebrity be used in immersive worlds?

Once you enter into the capsule undressed (in underwear), your Model Digital Human is delivered dressed with a default set of basic clothes. You will never see it undressed. But the current technology does not allow real-time control of a redressed Digital Human in immersive universes; we will have to wait a few more months. However, you can use these Digital Humans as follows: Model for trying on clothes, Studio to enhance your image, Celebrity for professional creative visual productions.

Why is capsule the only way to mass create digital identities?

In a world increasingly swinged between what is veracity & what is fake, silkke has chosen to offer you a digital identity that you choose to create, consciously. The moment you step into the capsule, you make this unchanging decision to manage your digital estate for the coming years. All your appearances or interactions in immersive universes are then certified by your own volition.

What is the price to generate a Digital Human?

silkke has decided to democratise access to digital identity. The entire system is designed so that brands offer to you for free the passage inside capsule. Otherwise the default price for the Origin Digital Human is €12. Model Digital Human is generated for free as it is offered by a fashion brand; however, you need to activate it for €29 to continue the dressing experience. To level up, you can access to Studio Digital Human for €490 and choose from a range of enhancement services. As for professionals in the film and audiovisual industries, Celebrity Digital Human is tailored for them: for €9,800, the ultimate Digital Human is created by our team of skilled developers.

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