June 1, 2020


A magical moment with Simon LEFEBVRE for an truthly interview (French speaking) about all subjects that Edouard DESLANDES is loving to share about what is silkke.
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For this 15th episode, Simon LEFEBVRE received Edouard DESLANDES, CEO @ silkke, a Nantes start-up ahead of its time which since 2011 has been developing both a capsule that scans our bodies and our faces as well as all the algorithms allowing the integration of this avatar in virtual environments, such as virtual shopping malls, meeting rooms, video games and future social networks.

Listen the podcast here.

We will therefore go into detail on the subject of personal avatars and will discuss the future of this technology which will soon lead us to watch Roland Garros virtually alongside Bruce Willis or Nabila and to be able to interact with them, to be able to have a hologram informative at home looking like Scarlett Johansson giving us the day's news in our living room, even having your avatar work to earn money for you in virtual worlds.

You think Simon LEFEBVRE is delusional and talking about science fiction? he strongly invite you to listen to this completely incredible episode which will allow you to set foot in the digital future.

Forget all your certainties about the digital future and dive into a crazy but already very real Metavers.


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