September 7, 2022

France Design Week: capsule is the highlight of the Nantes edition.

silkke unveils its design vision at France Design Week.
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The Nantes edition of France Design Week takes place from September 7 to 28, 2022.

silkke exhibits capsule at a venue open to the public during the event.

Capsule represents our vision of a novel and ambitious design serving new uses for which we are defining the guidelines.

Our mission is to democratize the creation of ultra-realistic digital twins for everyone, without the need for assistance or technical knowledge.

To achieve this, we had to reconcile seemingly irreconcilable constraints by creating a familiar, soft, welcoming object that can be intuitively used while evoking the future and innovation.


Discover Capsule at the French Design Week (a public event):

From September 7 to 28, 2022

3 rue Léon Durocher

44109 Nantes

Come discuss your business challenges and learn about our solutions with our Business Developer by scheduling a meeting here:



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